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Santa Monica Council Member Bobby Shriver Exploring Options  

By Jorge Casuso

August 30, 2012 -- Santa Monica Council member Bobby Shriver has all but dismissed running for re-election and is exploring a bid for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, The Lookout has learned.

The official exit of Shriver -- who won with record numbers in 2004 and 2008 -- from the race would mark the first time in a quarter century that two incumbents fail to seek re-election. Mayor Richard Bloom is in a run-off with Betsy Butler for State Assembly.

In an interview with The Lookout Friday, Shriver said there was a 99 percent chance he would not seek re-election in the November 6 race for four council seats.

"I haven't decided anything," Shriver said. "I don't know if I can pomise I can do another four years and eight years is a good time. People have got to move on and let younger people come in."

Shriver said he is exploring running for LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's seat in 2014. Yaroslavsky, whose term expires in two years, is expected to run for LA Mayor in 2013.

"I haven't decided to run," Shriver said. "I've had people tell me they thought I would be good at it and have spoken to others," including former Supervisor Ed Edelman, he added.

But speculation is swirling around a Shriver bid for the powerful LA County Board.

On July 22, Sheila Kuehl, who is expected to run for supervisor, sent an email to Yaroslavsky after hearing rumors that he had endorsed Shriver. 

"i was at a large community gathering in santa monica today," Kuehl wrote, "and more than ten folks came up to me and said bobby had announced to all of them (and more) that 'Zev has given me his blessing to run for Supervisor'.

"I feel certain you told him you had no objections to his running, but he's definitely trying to spin it as though you have endorsed him," Kuehl wrote. "Shall I send out an email to thousands of folks saying "Zev gave me his blessing to run first"??? sigh.... of course the whole thing could be moot if your terms are extended!  :-)"

Yaroslavsky responded: "I have given no one my blessing, nor have I given anyone my curse.  I think you nailed it in your analysis."

To which Kuehl answered: "not sure who all bobby tried to convince of this, but please feel free to forward it liberally"

Shiver said he has not sought or announced any endorsements, nor has he anounced that he would run.

"I have in no way at all whatsoever been endorsed or asked for any endorsement," he told The Lookout.

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