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Why Not Respond to Questionnaire and Downtown Santa Monica Rocks

August 23, 2012

Dear Editor,

Those candidates for City Council who have agreed not to respond to certain questionnaires are governed by what those groups support or oppose. ("LETTER: Santa Monica Council Candidates Ask for Transparency from New 'Responsible Growth' Group," August 22, 2012)

Anyone who signed this blatant attack against responsible growth are either naive or they support so called "smart growth."

In the past, most shadowy groups claiming to be community organizations were those who supported incumbents advocating development.  We'll see who repudiates those groups.

I am more concerned that the incumbents who voted for the maximum contribution now have a triple advantage over poorer candidates who refuse to sell out.

I did ask for information about the anti-development group.  I fully expect an answer when they are prepared to release all of the information requested. 

I have no problem with groups that support candidates who want to curb growth and preserve Santa Monica as a livable city, rather than a cash cow for cronies of the City Council.  Count on me NOT to sign the letter, and I will respond to ALL questionnaires.

Jon Mann
Santa Monica

August 22, 2012

Dear Editor,

Melonie Magruder's report on Downtown Santa Monica Inc.'s (DTSM) annual meeting was excellent.  I was amazed that so much of the event was covered and was such interesting reading. ("Downtown Santa Monica Mixes Humor and Big Numbers at Annual Meeting," August 17, 2012)

I am lucky enough to not only be a resident and business owner, but was given the Eclipse award along with two other recipients.  I'm so proud to be living in "our village" and to have the DTSM team to lead the way for the citizens, tourists and business owners and employees, by keeping a balance between business and enjoying our City.

From Cinema on the Street to L.A. Marathon runners in the street, DTSM has our back covered.  Thanks for giving this event such great coverage.

Hopefully, those not as directly involved in DTSM's efforts, will see the hard work and planning they do to keep Santa Monica special and one of the best places to live, work and visit in the U.S.!

Kind regards,

Hanna Hartnell

Santa Monica

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