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Thursday, December 5, 2019

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SMC Spring Semester

Council to Consider Extending Exemption to Plastic Ban
December 5, 2019 -- The City Council on Tuesday will consider extending for another year an exemption that allows the use of cups and lids outlawed under its ban on single-use plastics.

Santa Monica Clings to Christmas Tradition
Nativity scene manger December 4, 2019 -- For 66 years, Santa Monica's nativity scenes have survived -- weathering funding crises, changes in public taste and a near-fatal attack from atheists. On Monday, the 14 quaintly anachronistic scenes will be back, lining the perimeter of Calvary Baptist Church.

SPECIAL REPORT -- Santa Monica Council Members Took 49 Official Trips in Past Two Years
December 3, 2019 -- One of the perks of winning a non-paying City Council seat in Santa Monica is traveling at taxpayers' expense -- with Vancouver, Montreal and Bonn, Germany among the destinations.

Union Facts -- Keeping It in the Family

Suspect Arrested for Attempted Murder Released Pending Further Investigation
December 3, 2019 -- A suspect arrested Friday for a stabbing that took place on Santa Monica Beach earlier this year was released Tuesday after prosecutors requested further investigation of the case.

Homeless Winter Shelter Opens
December 3, 2019 -- As a winter storm blows in and temperatures begin to drop, Santa Monica's homeless can take shelter in Los Angeles.

FAA Finds Santa Monica Mishandled Airport Loans
December 2, 2019 -- In what aviation advocates called "a morsel of good news," the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last month found the City of Santa Monica mishandled loans to its airport.

LETTERS -- City Puts E-Scooter Company Profits Ahead of Public Safety
December 2, 2019 -- The City can keep on “studying” the e-scooter companies, but it needs to put safeguards in action immediately to protect residents.

City Wins Injunction in Tenant Harassment Case
November 27, 2019 -- Two landlords accused of repeatedly parking in a tenant's space, tossing belongings from their storage space and filing a false eviction have agreed to a judgment and court injunction, the City Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.

City Can Do Little to Stem Gentrification of Pico Neighborhood, Report Concludes
November 26, 2019 -- There is little the City can do to preserve the Pico Neighborhood outside of enhancing tenant protections, according to a report released by the Santa Monica Planning Department Monday.

EXTRA City Halts Landscape Crews' Move to Airport
November 26, 2019 -- The City will halt work on an $800,000 project to relocate the parks maintenance crews to Santa Monica Airport after neighboring residents vocally opposed the move, he City Manager annouced Monday.

Santa Monica Police Thwart Suicide One Day After Man Hangs Himself from Pier
November 25, 2019 -- Police on Friday stopped a man from jumping onto the freeway in what would have been the ninth public suicide in Santa Monica in less than two years and the second in two days.

LAX Offers Santa Monica Shuttle Service Thanksgiving Week
November 25, 2019 -- LAX passengers can take a $10 shuttle to and from Santa Monica during the busy Thanksgiving holidays. The new ride-share pickup service, which launched Sunday, will run through December 2, except Thanksgiving day.

Residents, Airport Commission Try to Block Relocation of Parks Landscape Crews
November 22, 2019 -- The Santa Monica Airport Commission this week unanimously backed residents' calls to block the City's landscape maintenance crews from moving to the airport.

OPINION -- SMMUSD Budget: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
November 22, 2019 -- Given the School District’s chronic structural deficit and our transition to basic aid, we need to take a fresh look at our expenditures and develop a sustainable budget, writes School Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati.

Councilmember Seeks Public's Help in Saving Sycamore
November 21, 2019 -- A century old sycamore tree remains in jeopardy after its owners declined to sign a deed restriction protecting it while the City Council drafts a citywide tree ordinance.

Big Blue Bus Continues to Lose Riders
November 21, 2019 -- Ridership on Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus (BBB) continued its downward slide, dropping by more than 650,000 passengers, or 5 percent, agency officials reported Wednesday.

Suicide Under Pier Marks Eighth in Less than 2 Years
November 21, 2019 -- A man committed suicide shortly before dawn Thursday by hanging himself underneath the Santa Monica Pier, according to police. The suicide marks the eighth in Santa Monica in less than two years and the third at the pier.

Homeless sculpture by Ed Massey Homeless Sculpture Installed in Former Home of Iconic Mural
November 20, 2019 -- A seven-foot-tall sculpture of a homeless man was unveiled Monday in the courtyard of the former Santa Monica bank building once graced by the iconic mural "Pleasures Along the Beach." The new sculpture by Ed Massey titled “In The Image” will be on display at the corner of 26th and Wilshire for six weeks.

Santa Monica College Planetarium Explores the Winter Solstice
November 20, 2019 -- For the pagans, Persians, Romans, Christians and other cultures around the world, the Winter Solstice marks a turning point in the year. Next month, the Santa Monica College (SMC) John Drescher Planetarium will explore the annual phenomenon marked by festivals and rituals.

Height, Density Limits Curb Santa Monica's Ability to Meet Affordable Housing Goals
November 19, 2019 -- Santa Monica will have to allow taller, denser buildings on major thoroughfares if it hopes to meet its affordable housing goals, according to a new report.

It's Winterlit Season in Santa Monica
November 19, 2019 -- Downtown Santa Monica is being transformed into a winter wonderland for the holidays where visitors can stroll under the glow of thousands of colorful lights and glide on real ice.

Elderly Pedestrian Killed by Drunk Hit-and-Run Driver
Rogelio Bobadillo November 18, 2019 -- A drunk hit-and-run driver killed an elderly woman crossing the street in Downtown Santa Monica shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday. Rogelio Bobadilla, 28, was booked on four counts, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Santa Monica Names New Writer-In-Residence
November 18, 2019 -- Queer Latinx artist Analisa Raya-Flores, whose work explores ethnicity and class, has been named the Annenberg Community Beach House writer in residence.

OPINION -- Santa Monica's Slow-Growth Movement Is Energized to Defeat the “Plaza”
November 18, 2019 -- Residents don’t have to allow their tax dollars to go towards a bad project that will redefine our Downtown for the next 100 years.

Council Extends Emergency Ordinances for Fast Food Restaurants, Landmark Demolitions
November 15, 2019 -- The City Council on Tuesday extended emergency ordinances that ban fast food restaurants on the Promenade and set standards for the demolition of potential landmarks.

Santa Monica Launches Extra Bedroom Program
November 15, 2019 -- Santa Monica hotels are making it easier to heed the call of health experts who are urging workers to take much-needed vacations.

Santa Monica's Breeze Bike Share Up in the Air
November 14, 2019 -- The future of Santa Monica's Breeze bike share program -- LA County's first shared micro-mobility effort -- is up in the air as private firms corner the growing market.

Big Blue Bus Riders Can Use App to Buy Single Ride Tickets
November 14, 2019 -- Big Blue Bus (BBB) passengers can now buy single ride passes using the agency's mobile app and payment system in what is the first collaboration of its kind, BBB officials announced Tuesday.

Santa Monica Banks on Future of Micro Mobility
November 13, 2019 -- The Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday unanimously voted to continue, and "sharpen," a pilot program for e-scooters and e-bikes credited with replacing 1.3 million car trips over the past year.

Police Arrest Repeat Offender in Downtown Stabbing
Jalen Perrot November 13, 2019 -- Jalen Markeith Perrot, 27, a repeat offender with a string of prior misdemeanor arrests, was charged Tuesday with assault with a deadly weapon in a stabbing near the Downtown library last week.

OPINION -- Questions about the Plaza at Santa Monica Development
November 13, 2019 -- These questions by the Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (SMCLC) were written "to spark discussion and a greater understanding" of the proposed mixed-use hotel project on City owned land at 4th and Arizona.

Santa Monica Water Rates Set to Jump
November 12, 2019 -- Santa Monica homeowners could see their bimonthly water bills increase by $36 over the next five years under a plan the City Council will consider early next year.

LETTERS -- Hotel Union, Slow Growth Activists at Odds Over 'Plaza' Development
November 12, 2019 -- As is often the case in Santa Monica, when it comes to the proposed Plaza development, it’s not the community calling the shots, but the hotel union.

'Bold' Plan to Transform the Promenade Gets Go-Ahead from Council
November 7, 2019 -- Santa Monica should embark on a "bold" plan to transform its iconic Promenade, the City Council said Tuesday, but it will take much more than money to make it work.

Two Suspects Arrested in Wednesday Night Stabbing Downtown
November 7, 2019 -- Police arrested two suspects Thursday in a stabbing that took place in Downtown Santa Monica Wednesday night.

PUBLIC NOTICE -- Ice at Santa Monica Reopens Sunday
After a temporary closure, Ice at Santa Monica returns this Sunday at 10 am. An all-new free skate day will be held Monday, November 18th from 2 to 10 p.m.

Proposed Downtown Development Could Reinvigorate Slow Growth Movement
November 6, 2019 -- Leaders of Santa Monica's slow-growth movement are taking on a major Downtown development this week after being largely inactive since a defeat at the polls three years ago.

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